Ministero del Gusto, Marrakech

Ministero del Gusto - MarrakechHidden behind an unremarkable wooden door in the heart of Marrakech’s Medina lies the remarkable calling card of Italian design duo Fabrizio Bizarri and Alessandra Lippini.

Mention their names among the growing number of foreigners who are making Marrakech their home, and they will inevitably be greeted with nods of recognition and smiles of friendship. For the Europeans who have settled in Marrakech are a close-knit bunch, united by shared appreciation of the Moroccan way of life. In their ten years in Morocco, the two designers have become regular fixtures of the Medina. But, if the locals have grown accustomed to Fabrizio and Alessandra, you cannot help but wonder what they would make of their creation; the Ministero del Gusto.

Minitero del Gusto, Marrakech - bathroom

Hidden in the exuberant bustle, the Ministero del Gusto is to be found in a small alley hidden behind a near invisible opening by one of the main arteries of the Medina. But, as soon as you step inside, there is no mistaking that this is something altogether different. The Ministero is not so much a home as a showcase for their design talents, it is an indication to potential clients of just what a unique space Fabrizio and Alessandra could create for them.

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Photos ©Ken Sparkes. All Rights Reserved.
Words: Carla Bower.

First published in SPACES issue 07.


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